“The Party Band Full Length Album”
Produced by Seth Bailin

“Dido on the Beach”
Performed by the UMass Lowell Choral Union, November 26, 2013.
Audio and Video recorded and edited by Seth Bailin

“The UMass Lowell String Project- What’s it all about?”
Filmed by Alan Williams and Seth Bailin.
Additional filming by Anne Ruthmann and Matt Ianotti.
Footagle compiled and edited by Seth Bailin

“MC Clammer”
By Charlie Creagh, produced by Seth Bailin

“The Riverhawk Party Band at Wang Middle School”
Performing Aihe Ne Kpe We by T.P. Orchestre Poly Ritmo

Featuring Mike Kaskiewicz, Kevin Webb, and Austin Condee on trombones
Danny Dugan, Savannah Marshall, and Kyle Rees on percussion
Anthony Prestigiovanni on trumpet and Seth Bailin on saxophone 
Joe Prieto on double bass and Devon Hurt on electric bass 
and the 5th and 6th grade students on percussion 

The Riverhawk Party Band on Facebook

“Yeti Asks For Time Off”
Concept and text-to-speech by Mike Cantor
Animation and editing by Seth Bailin
Music by Goosepimp Orchestra

ANESTHESIA DEMONSTRATION: Awake endotracheal intubation
Filmed by Seth and Adam Bailin
Edited by Seth Bailin
Music by Three Dub Mice

WORMFEST 2009 promo

Filmed by Seth Bailin and Mandee Macchia
Edited by Seth Bailin
Music: “Life Force” by APel [Jungle Fungus]

X FEST 2009 Promo
Filmed and edited by Seth Bailin
Original music by Seth Bailin and Nick Collela

A Short Film About Nothing
Spontaneous composition by Seth Bailin
Filmed and edited by Seth Bailin

Final video production project at UMass Lowell
We had fun making this video.  A projector was used to display images of real paintings being manipulated by Matt Ianotti in an adjacent room.  For the stairs sequence, we walked up the stairs backwards and reversed the footage.

FORT! THE BAND live in Lowell!
Filmed and edited by Seth Bailin

Filmed and edited by Seth Bailin
Music: “X’s On My Calendar” by Beneath The Sheets

THE SIN BUSTERS live in Lowell
Filmed by Julius Hayden
Edited by Seth Bailin

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