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One time, at Bandcamp…

Check out the new platform for Nice Bass tunes over at! You will find full-length albums, compilations (including both volumes of Lowell & Behold for FREE), EPs, and bootlegs (sets from jazz giants and local heroes).

The Time Machine

Meet DJ Brass Monkey and DJ Code Blue. We are the new purveyors of musical madness traveling over electromagnetic radiation tuned to the frequency of 91.5 Megahertz. Every Thursday at noon, from an underground location in Lowell, Massachusetts, we hop aboard the Time Machine and take our listeners on a journey through the ages. We play music from a different year every week, showcasing music from a wide range of styles, but focusing on the time in which it had significance. After all, music is time, no? Rhythm and meter keep the beat on a small scale, in what we perceive as the “present.” Months, years, and decades keep time on a larger scale, outlining what becomes the past and future.
I may try to dig up the old archives of the Time Machine from when it was a baby, with original DJ Matt The Medicine Man Migliori and myself, but for now, here are the past few weeks of the show. We featured the years 1986 and 2007; I hope you enjoy the segments!

To download the shows, save these links!!!
The Time Machine (1986) WUML 9-16-10
The Time Machine (2007) WUML 9-23-10