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One time, at Bandcamp…

Check out the new platform for Nice Bass tunes over at! You will find full-length albums, compilations (including both volumes of Lowell & Behold for FREE), EPs, and bootlegs (sets from jazz giants and local heroes).

Swagadelic Fertilizer Castle!!!


I am so happy to have been a part of this project. It was recorded by mastermind Dan Fox at Hi-N-Dry studio in Somerville, MA, which is owned and operated by friends of Mark Sandman and the band Morphine. Sandman’s old modified guitars hang all over the walls, and relics like pictures, posters, tour diaries, lyric sheets, and old instruments can be found in just about every corner. It was pretty special to play the bari sax in a space dedicated to Morphine. And if you don’t know why, please do yourself a favor and listen to them. More important to this session being amazing was the sheer amount of time and energy the 9 of us put into making it sound the way it does. That 4-day marathon session can only confirm- birds of a feather flock together.

released 08 July 2011

Additional Recording by Mike Cantor and Bob Greel
at The House That Funk Built
Mixed & Mastered by Brian Redmond at The Space
Cover Illustration by Michael Mussman
Cover Design by Mike Cantor
All Songs © Goosepimp LLC All Rights Reserved

NEW ALBUM from Hidden Criminals!



Nick Colella- Vocals, Guitar
Abram Taber- Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Seth Bailin- Drums, Beats, Keyboard, Alto Tenor and Baritone Saxophones, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Mixing, Album Art

Spontaneous, loud, and charged with energy, Noise Pollution is download-able for FREE. You will laugh. You will cry. Your ears will bleed.


Folk Music

A 10-song compilation of music made between the summer of 2009 and the summer of 2010. It is a snapshot of the stuff I was involved with during my senior year at UML.


The past year has been an exciting time for me musically. I had the opportunity to tour and record with the most devoted and talented musicians that I have ever met. The Goosepimp Orchestra is a group of 8 guys, but we would have no reason to make our music without our beautiful, passionate, helpful, and funky extended family. Thanks for your infinite support yall! Enjoy “Strap On,” from our latest Fallout Shelter performance on WUML, and “Take The Wheel,” from our self-recorded and self-released full length album The Biggest Bang. I also had the pleasure to help Nick get The Sinbusters off the ground, by drumming for a year and a half, and recording and mixing Prime Blowout, our 8 song EP. The songs here come from that album, recorded at Friendly Square in Medford and a few spots in Lowell. Late in 2009 I began recording spoken word poems written by Nate the Poet and adding music to them later. “The River Bank Bend” was recorded by a river in Colorado, and the music was added once back in Lowell. Underneath “Beauty,” the UML String Project can be heard warming up and tuning. I am also grateful to Brett Apitz for helping me record “Cherrapunji” and “Country Music” in the UML facilities, and to all the musicians who helped create this makeshift band that I call Folkin’ A. You will also hear two songs from a brand new project called President Soup. We did a version of “It Dont Mean A Thing” at Centro in May 2010, and an original tune called “Propaganda,” recorded later that month at the 119 Gallery in Lowell. Thanks to all the musicians that have shared their passion, and to you for listening.

Musicians: Seth Bailin (saxophone, vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, drums, percussion), Derek Hayden (drums, percussion), Mark “Big Daddy” Brack (vocals), Mike Dettore (percussion), Jeremy Wegerzyn (bass), Theresa Cleary (viola, violin), Elisabeth Hodge (bass), Ray Santana (trumpet), Mike Kaskiewitz (trombone), Whit Love (banjo), Nick Collela (guitar, vocals), Jen Brunelle (tambourine, vocals), Patrick Shaughnessy (casio keyboard), Joe MacFadzen (bass), Bob Greel (vocals, keyboard, percussion), Jon Albertelly (trumpet), Mike Cantor (guitar), Adam Pelletier (guitar), Dave Pelletier (bass), Josh Filgate (trombone), Joe Calabrese (drums), Jake Cacciatore (vocals, percussion), Curran Kelleher (guitar), Erik Jordan (bass), Nate Porteshawver (vocals), and the young kids of the UMass Lowell string project.
Recording Engineers: Seth Bailin, Brian Redmond, Chris Gilroy, Sean Cahalin, Brett Apitz, Matt Studivan.
Mastered by Brian Redmond at The Space (

NEW MUSIC! and Lowell Folk Fest this weekend!

Here are two brand new tracks from Folkin’ A (also known as Seth Bailin and friends). These songs will appear on “Seth Bailin’s Folk Music,” a new full-length CD available at the 2010 Lowell Folk Festival.

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Country Music

Cherrapunji features Derek Hayden (drums), Elisabeth Hodge (bass), Whit Love (banjo), Mike Kaskiewicz (trombone), Ray Santana (trumpet), and Seth Bailin (guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards).
Country Music features Mark “Big Daddy” Brack (vocals), Jeremy Wegrzyn (bass), Derek Hayden (percussion), Mike Dettore (percussion), Theresa Cleary (viola, violin), and Seth Bailin (guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards)

Both tracks were recorded by Brett Apitz and Seth Bailin at the UML senior studio and various bedrooms in Massachusetts, and mastered by Brian Redmond at The Space.

These songs will accompany 8 others on a full length CD available THIS WEEKEND!


Find me performing live this Friday night (7/23/10) in front of Mambo Grill with funk explosion Jochemo. Entertaining from 8:30pm ’til the sangria runs dry. And be sure to check out everything else Lowell Folk Festival has to offer.
Thanks for listening!