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Study music, be happy.

This summer I’m teaching private Guitar and Bass lessons at Centre Music House in Framingham, MA. It is a great place to learn a new instrument or buy strings for your guitar tuned to drop-C. And starting July 19, I will be running the rock band camp for the rest of the summer. Watch out Jack Black! So if you live in the Metro-West area and are thinking about private music lessons, stop in and meet us.

Also, be on the lookout for a new series of music books created by yours truly. I’ve been working on advanced studies for the saxophone for a couple years, and I think some day soon it will get published. The first book takes you through augmented and diminished exercises, along with chromatic scale studies and large-interval exercises. I’m looking for people who are good with music notation software and want to help me edit the thing.

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Although my Ibanez RG 4 string bass guitar looked beautiful before, I decided to take it apart, sand down the body, and create a collage all over it with magazine and newspaper clippings. The Seymour Duncan stock pickups will be set aside and new electronics re-installed.  I’m thinking EMG HZs… but no decision has been made yet.  What kind of pickups do you like?