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NEW MUSIC! and Lowell Folk Fest this weekend!

Here are two brand new tracks from Folkin’ A (also known as Seth Bailin and friends). These songs will appear on “Seth Bailin’s Folk Music,” a new full-length CD available at the 2010 Lowell Folk Festival.

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Country Music

Cherrapunji features Derek Hayden (drums), Elisabeth Hodge (bass), Whit Love (banjo), Mike Kaskiewicz (trombone), Ray Santana (trumpet), and Seth Bailin (guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards).
Country Music features Mark “Big Daddy” Brack (vocals), Jeremy Wegrzyn (bass), Derek Hayden (percussion), Mike Dettore (percussion), Theresa Cleary (viola, violin), and Seth Bailin (guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards)

Both tracks were recorded by Brett Apitz and Seth Bailin at the UML senior studio and various bedrooms in Massachusetts, and mastered by Brian Redmond at The Space.

These songs will accompany 8 others on a full length CD available THIS WEEKEND!


Find me performing live this Friday night (7/23/10) in front of Mambo Grill with funk explosion Jochemo. Entertaining from 8:30pm ’til the sangria runs dry. And be sure to check out everything else Lowell Folk Festival has to offer.
Thanks for listening!

Life on Earth/Livin’ in Lowell

Come down to Eyeful Beauty on Thursday, June 24 and hang out with us for Joe‘s closing reception. He took photos from all over the world and brought them back to the place he now calls home. I will be performing some improvised music with a few other musicians, so come out and enjoy this celebration of mixed media.


Yesterday, Strange Creek. Tomorrow, Bonnaroo.

ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 2010, Boston/Lowell’s GOOSEPIMP ORCHESTRA will set sail toward the hot sunshine of Manchester Tennessee, to take part in one of the largest and loudest music festivals in the world. In proper funk-gypsy style, we have a caravan of our closest friends and freaks with vehicles filled with musical instruments and costumes following the band to BONNAROO 2010. If you are there, and you get bored of JAY-Z or GWAR (what the fuck?!), be sure to check out the WORMTOWN tent and catch Goosepimp hitting it all weekend. 6 sets between Thursday night and Sunday morning.

ALSO, thank you to everyone who came out to the annual STRANGE CREEK campout and music fest last weekend. We had so much fun and enjoyed an incredible amount of talented bands (check out Garage Mahal or The Sam Kininger Band). SEE YOU AT WORMFEST?

If you want more Goosepimp, head over to the BOOTLEGS page and download our LIVE AT LOWELL WINTERFEST performance! Thank you Emilie Palmer for the photos.


119 Gallery Weekend!

NEW page! bootlegs!

Get your live music fix! I added a new page called BOOTLEGS, where I will post recordings of live shows.  Right now you can hear some bangers from the 2010 Winter Jazz Fest and President Soup’s performance from Centro in Downtown Lowell.  Right-click and save the files to your computer! or copy the link and paste it in your browser… I need to set up the link better.

Live Music 5/6/10

We’re playing 2 sets. Come with an appetite for delicious food, drinks, and music.
visit CENTRO online

Prime Blowout!

“Blowout status was officially achieved when I saw Nick crowd surfing while playing his guitar in the middle of our set.”

It was in the Fall of 2008 when I spoke to Nick Collela at a party about a new band he was starting with local guerrilla-poet Patrick Shaughnessy. Says he needs a drummer, so I say count me in.  We became The Sinbusters. After a year and a half of writing, performing, recording, bringing friends into our band, and having all sorts of fun, I realized I was unable to keep up with the momentous energy and output that these guys want to continue expressing. I had to back out of the band… So as a culmination of the music that we worked so hard on, and the beautiful friends we made along the way, we played a celebration show at PA’s lounge in Somerville, with Ladderlegs, The Kominas, and Venetian Grind on Thursday, April 8 2010.  Abe Taber was there to visually document the craziness that ensued, so thanks to him for the pictures.

Our new album is called PRIME BLOWOUT and you can hear it HERE. Thursday’s show was nothing short of a Prime Blowout, which was realized when Ladderlegs and The Kominas started wreaking havoc all over the drunken attendants of the show. Blowout status was officially achieved when I saw Nick crowd surfing while playing his guitar in the middle of our set. During our last song, Basim (The Kominas) and Mike (Sweatpants Symphony) approached me as if to invade my personal space… but what they really did was lift me in the air, along with parts of my drums, so that I rocked out suspended above the crowd.People gathered to support the drum set and help bang on cymbals. Guys, you have no idea how much fun that is. I will die happy.

I wish to extend thanks to many people who helped us out as a band along the way. Firstly, 119 Gallery is where we played most of our shows. It is an amazing space with progressive art always on display, and friendly people inside. Matt Studivan came to the show, and I handed him a CD that he recorded in his basement in Medford. Abe also lives there, and he takes lots of cool pictures at shows. We used his bass rig for the recordings, and tape machine for mixing. Thanks guys! Stephanie Lak lets us rehearse in her room (!!!) almost every week, and that is seriously generous. Brian Redmond mastered our CD at the Fuzzbox, which means he made it louder and more badass than it was in the first place. We played with a lot of bands along the way- Ladderlegs and The Kominas, thanks for sharing Thursday night with us. Ralph Eats Dynamite is still awesome. Streight Angular, I hope you win the Phoenix poll for best new band. The Big Sway, keep it fresh. Hetfield & Hetfield was there when we started- thrash it up!

Thank you to Nick, Patrick, Jen, and Joe for helping me play the craziest, loudest, most honest music I have ever made.

THE SINBUSTERS tour, release new album!

Put Dick Dale and Henry Rollins in the same room, light them on fire, and you might come close to the sound of The Sinbusters.  The five of us have been writing songs and playing around Lowell for the past 15 months or so, and now it’s time to show the rest of the world, er, New England, what we’re made of.  We just finished our 7 song EP weighing in at 22 minutes, and will push off for a week of shows in four different states starting tomorrow.  Here’s the low down:

Thursday, March 18

WELH 88.1 on the Liveblock
Brown Student and Community Radio
Providence, Rhode Island
Tune in @
8:00, all ages

Friday, March 19

Sinclair’s Pub
West Babylon, NY
with Nix 86 and more
9:00, 18+

Saturday, March 20

Heirloom Arts Theater
Danbury, Connecticut
with Fort! The Band
8:00, all ages

Tuesday, March 23

Midway Cafe
Jamacia Plain, Massachusetts
With The Big Sway and The Kominas
9:00, 21+

And to celebrate our news, we are sharing the first track off our new album, PRIME BLOWOUT, with all y’all!

Download this link!!!!

01 I Don’t Want To Be A Slave- The Sinbusters


Yeti Asks For Time Off

Follow us as we keep track of Yeti’s whereabouts.

Check out for more music, flyers, and show updates.

NYC Winter Jazz Fest Bootlegs

2010nyc jazzLast weekend, the 2010 NYC Winter Jazz Fest kicked off for a two-night exhibition of the finest new musical acts in the city. Over 50 groups were sprawled across 5 stages in the West Village, showcasing their unique sounds and instrumentation. I brought my trusty bootlegger to Kenny’s Castaways and The Bitter End, and taped some of the most memorable performances of the weekend.  Download mp3s of The Claudia Quintet (actually a sextet that night), Bobby Previte‘s New Bump Quartet, and Elliott Sharp‘s Terraplane.
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All recordings captured with a Zoom H4 in Stereo, 44.1/16bit, converted to mp3

The Claudia Quintet (plus one)

January 9, 2010
John Hollenbeck- Drums / Todd Reichmann- Accordion / Chris Speed- Clarinet and Tenor Sax / Matt Moran- Vibraphone / Trevor Dunn- Upright Bass / guest: Gary Versace- Piano

claudia5tet 01.mp3
claudia5tet 02.mp3
claudia5tet 03.mp3
claudia5tet 04.mp3

Bobby Previte’s New Bump Quartet

January 8, 2010
Bobby Previte- Drums / Ellery Eskelin- Tenor Sax / Bill Ware- Vibraphone / Brad Jones- Electric Bass

bobby previte nb4 01.mp3
bobby previte nb4 02.mp3
bobby previte nb4 03.mp3

Elliott Sharp’s Terraplane

January 9, 2010
Elliott Sharp- Guitar / Eric Mingus – Vocals / Reut Regev – Trombone / Alex Harding- Baritone Sax / Dave Hofstra- Electric Bass / John McKenzie- Drums

elliott sharp 01.mp3
elliott sharp 02.mp3
elliott sharp 03.mp3

Chris Speed of The Claudia Quintet

Elliott Sharp of Terraplane

Chris Cheek of Rudder