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The Party Band goes to sea

^From Sunday 8/11/2013 in Beverly MA. Dippin our feet in the water in preparation for our Atlantic adventure later this month.

Click here to buy tickets to see the Party Band open for Goosepimp and Lespecial on a boat cruising the Boston harbor, Friday August 23.

And come to Ward Eight in Lowell on Saturday 8/17 for THE PARTY BAND and ORHEA. Drink enough IPA and you will feel like you are at sea. Here’s a flyer for that:

unofficial schedule of live music- downtown Lowell, Folk Fest Weekend

Before you head out the door this weekend to check out the Lowell Folk Fest, go ahead and print this out and put it in your pocket. It’s a schedule of as much of the live music performances slated to happen this weekend as I could find from flyers, facebook, word of mouth, phone calls, and this local band guide that Howl in Lowell put together. So, go downtown, catch the international artists at the Folk Festival, grub up on some street food, then head to a bar or art gallery and soak in some of the best local bands our city has to offer. I hope to see you this weekend, the time of year that Lowell is at its most musical, most social, and most energized state. Let’s make some noise.

Improv Trio this Saturday

Live improvised music at Brew’d Awakening this Saturday. Derek, Curran, and I will be exploring new territory; we all have new instruments and this will be our first performance with some of our new sounds. I have been playing flute recently, Derek has been studying the tabla, and Curran just installed a MIDI pickup on his guitar. We have all played in President Soup for a few years together, so come downtown and listen to familiar friends speak new languages.

Pure Cosmic Bop: part 2

jazz extravaganza in downtown Lowell. here’s the facebook event page:

The Party Band plays for the Wang Middle School

Lowell’s new brass band sensation The Riverhawk Party Band performs for the 5th and 6th grade students of the Wang Middle School on June 7, 2013. Performing in the local middle schools for young students is a whole new path of opportunity that I have never previously explored as a gigging musician. The amount of energy you can feel from a room full of 12-year-olds is amazing and inspiring. This was our 3rd middle school visit in the spring of 2013, and we hope to do more in the fall.

The Riverhawk Party Band for this show featured: myself Seth Bailin on saxophone; Anthony Prestigiovanni on trumpet; Kevin Webb, Mike Kaskiewitz, and Austin Condee on trombones; Savannah Marshall on bass drum; Danny Dugan on snare drum; Kyle Rees on cymbals; Devon Hurt on electric bass; Joseph Prieto on upright bass; and all the amazing students who joined us on stage with percussion!

One time, at Bandcamp…

Check out the new platform for Nice Bass tunes over at! You will find full-length albums, compilations (including both volumes of Lowell & Behold for FREE), EPs, and bootlegs (sets from jazz giants and local heroes).

The What Cheer? Brigade: life’s soundtrack

Marching down Mass Ave at 2011 Honk! Fest with Endangered Species with Lipstick and What Cheer? Brigade.

Folk Music

A 10-song compilation of music made between the summer of 2009 and the summer of 2010. It is a snapshot of the stuff I was involved with during my senior year at UML.


The past year has been an exciting time for me musically. I had the opportunity to tour and record with the most devoted and talented musicians that I have ever met. The Goosepimp Orchestra is a group of 8 guys, but we would have no reason to make our music without our beautiful, passionate, helpful, and funky extended family. Thanks for your infinite support yall! Enjoy “Strap On,” from our latest Fallout Shelter performance on WUML, and “Take The Wheel,” from our self-recorded and self-released full length album The Biggest Bang. I also had the pleasure to help Nick get The Sinbusters off the ground, by drumming for a year and a half, and recording and mixing Prime Blowout, our 8 song EP. The songs here come from that album, recorded at Friendly Square in Medford and a few spots in Lowell. Late in 2009 I began recording spoken word poems written by Nate the Poet and adding music to them later. “The River Bank Bend” was recorded by a river in Colorado, and the music was added once back in Lowell. Underneath “Beauty,” the UML String Project can be heard warming up and tuning. I am also grateful to Brett Apitz for helping me record “Cherrapunji” and “Country Music” in the UML facilities, and to all the musicians who helped create this makeshift band that I call Folkin’ A. You will also hear two songs from a brand new project called President Soup. We did a version of “It Dont Mean A Thing” at Centro in May 2010, and an original tune called “Propaganda,” recorded later that month at the 119 Gallery in Lowell. Thanks to all the musicians that have shared their passion, and to you for listening.

Musicians: Seth Bailin (saxophone, vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, drums, percussion), Derek Hayden (drums, percussion), Mark “Big Daddy” Brack (vocals), Mike Dettore (percussion), Jeremy Wegerzyn (bass), Theresa Cleary (viola, violin), Elisabeth Hodge (bass), Ray Santana (trumpet), Mike Kaskiewitz (trombone), Whit Love (banjo), Nick Collela (guitar, vocals), Jen Brunelle (tambourine, vocals), Patrick Shaughnessy (casio keyboard), Joe MacFadzen (bass), Bob Greel (vocals, keyboard, percussion), Jon Albertelly (trumpet), Mike Cantor (guitar), Adam Pelletier (guitar), Dave Pelletier (bass), Josh Filgate (trombone), Joe Calabrese (drums), Jake Cacciatore (vocals, percussion), Curran Kelleher (guitar), Erik Jordan (bass), Nate Porteshawver (vocals), and the young kids of the UMass Lowell string project.
Recording Engineers: Seth Bailin, Brian Redmond, Chris Gilroy, Sean Cahalin, Brett Apitz, Matt Studivan.
Mastered by Brian Redmond at The Space (

The Souper Bowl

We ain’t talkin’ about football.

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, your bowl is going to be filled with hot soup made with local ingredients. You’ll be walking around looking at student art (a lot of it is food-related) and meeting new people. And your ears are going to be filled with live music from a band that values the healing properties and social aspects of food, President Soup.

Food, music, and art.  Hm… they all sound like art to me. Have you ever seen a dish so full of color and beauty that you didn’t even want to eat it? That your fork might disturb the plates harmony? Or has the smell of a simmering pot of stew ever stimulated your mind more than anything hanging on a wall at a museum? And has a song ever lifted your spirits, or taken you out of a rut? Like you just ate some wonderful medicine?  Music and food have more in common than one might think. They are both created with similar things in mind: time and rhythm, harmony of the flavors/timbres, new ingredients, presentation, and so much more. So come to Hotung (44 Professors Row, Somerville, MA) on Thursday night to exercise all your senses.

This event is sponsored by the Tufts Environmental Consciousness Outreach (ECO) and the Tufts Culinary Society.

ONSLO releases new album this Friday!

Massachusetts punk trio ONSLO releases their new EP entitled TERRIBLE ELEPHANT ACCIDENT this Friday in Lowell!

Who: ONSLO, Hetfield & Hetifled, The Sinbusters, and Propaganda.
What: A new EP entitled TERRIBLE ELEPHANT ACCIDENT. And 3 other bands to celebrate with ‘em.
When: Friday night, July 30, round 8 to midnight.
Where: The Dirty Douglas (Lowell, MA)
Why: Cuz ONSLO just finished their new record! Now dance!
How: With your whole body, but most importantly your ears and booty.