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Prime Blowout!

“Blowout status was officially achieved when I saw Nick crowd surfing while playing his guitar in the middle of our set.”

It was in the Fall of 2008 when I spoke to Nick Collela at a party about a new band he was starting with local guerrilla-poet Patrick Shaughnessy. Says he needs a drummer, so I say count me in.  We became The Sinbusters. After a year and a half of writing, performing, recording, bringing friends into our band, and having all sorts of fun, I realized I was unable to keep up with the momentous energy and output that these guys want to continue expressing. I had to back out of the band… So as a culmination of the music that we worked so hard on, and the beautiful friends we made along the way, we played a celebration show at PA’s lounge in Somerville, with Ladderlegs, The Kominas, and Venetian Grind on Thursday, April 8 2010.  Abe Taber was there to visually document the craziness that ensued, so thanks to him for the pictures.

Our new album is called PRIME BLOWOUT and you can hear it HERE. Thursday’s show was nothing short of a Prime Blowout, which was realized when Ladderlegs and The Kominas started wreaking havoc all over the drunken attendants of the show. Blowout status was officially achieved when I saw Nick crowd surfing while playing his guitar in the middle of our set. During our last song, Basim (The Kominas) and Mike (Sweatpants Symphony) approached me as if to invade my personal space… but what they really did was lift me in the air, along with parts of my drums, so that I rocked out suspended above the crowd.People gathered to support the drum set and help bang on cymbals. Guys, you have no idea how much fun that is. I will die happy.

I wish to extend thanks to many people who helped us out as a band along the way. Firstly, 119 Gallery is where we played most of our shows. It is an amazing space with progressive art always on display, and friendly people inside. Matt Studivan came to the show, and I handed him a CD that he recorded in his basement in Medford. Abe also lives there, and he takes lots of cool pictures at shows. We used his bass rig for the recordings, and tape machine for mixing. Thanks guys! Stephanie Lak lets us rehearse in her room (!!!) almost every week, and that is seriously generous. Brian Redmond mastered our CD at the Fuzzbox, which means he made it louder and more badass than it was in the first place. We played with a lot of bands along the way- Ladderlegs and The Kominas, thanks for sharing Thursday night with us. Ralph Eats Dynamite is still awesome. Streight Angular, I hope you win the Phoenix poll for best new band. The Big Sway, keep it fresh. Hetfield & Hetfield was there when we started- thrash it up!

Thank you to Nick, Patrick, Jen, and Joe for helping me play the craziest, loudest, most honest music I have ever made.