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“Ants” EP is up.

It was the summer of 2007 and the heat was unbearable. A family (maybe I should say an army) of ants had found salvation in the basement of my Broadway St. apartment. At night I would overhear their plans to take over the house, then Lowell, then the world. We had to put a stop to this. They were everywhere. They were multiplying.
Neighbor Cody Rico recounted ancient myths of punk rock being the only reliable weapon against insect armies. So we plugged in the amps and set up the drum kit, and started composing the concept album that would exterminate our violent infestation.
ANTS is a 4-song EP with more strength than a cement truck full of pesticides. At the completion of the recording we went down to the basement to clean up and see what kind of damage we had done. There was not an ant to be seen. Either they got scared and ran off, or they dropped dead from the sheer energy of THE FORBIDDEN BEAT.
Would they have actually taken over the world had they lived? Maybe. Or are they still planning to take over the world by influencing the minds of young musicians? We will never know. From the moment that the ants disappeared, the basement was dubbed THE ANT CELLAR. Today the residents live up to the story by hosting live punk and hardcore shows for an all-ages audience.

Listen to the album that won (or started) a war with the ants.