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NYC Winter Jazz Fest Bootlegs

2010nyc jazzLast weekend, the 2010 NYC Winter Jazz Fest kicked off for a two-night exhibition of the finest new musical acts in the city. Over 50 groups were sprawled across 5 stages in the West Village, showcasing their unique sounds and instrumentation. I brought my trusty bootlegger to Kenny’s Castaways and The Bitter End, and taped some of the most memorable performances of the weekend.  Download mp3s of The Claudia Quintet (actually a sextet that night), Bobby Previte‘s New Bump Quartet, and Elliott Sharp‘s Terraplane.
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All recordings captured with a Zoom H4 in Stereo, 44.1/16bit, converted to mp3

The Claudia Quintet (plus one)

January 9, 2010
John Hollenbeck- Drums / Todd Reichmann- Accordion / Chris Speed- Clarinet and Tenor Sax / Matt Moran- Vibraphone / Trevor Dunn- Upright Bass / guest: Gary Versace- Piano

claudia5tet 01.mp3
claudia5tet 02.mp3
claudia5tet 03.mp3
claudia5tet 04.mp3

Bobby Previte’s New Bump Quartet

January 8, 2010
Bobby Previte- Drums / Ellery Eskelin- Tenor Sax / Bill Ware- Vibraphone / Brad Jones- Electric Bass

bobby previte nb4 01.mp3
bobby previte nb4 02.mp3
bobby previte nb4 03.mp3

Elliott Sharp’s Terraplane

January 9, 2010
Elliott Sharp- Guitar / Eric Mingus – Vocals / Reut Regev – Trombone / Alex Harding- Baritone Sax / Dave Hofstra- Electric Bass / John McKenzie- Drums

elliott sharp 01.mp3
elliott sharp 02.mp3
elliott sharp 03.mp3

Chris Speed of The Claudia Quintet

Elliott Sharp of Terraplane

Chris Cheek of Rudder