The Souper Bowl

We ain’t talkin’ about football.

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, your bowl is going to be filled with hot soup made with local ingredients. You’ll be walking around looking at student art (a lot of it is food-related) and meeting new people. And your ears are going to be filled with live music from a band that values the healing properties and social aspects of food, President Soup.

Food, music, and art.  Hm… they all sound like art to me. Have you ever seen a dish so full of color and beauty that you didn’t even want to eat it? That your fork might disturb the plates harmony? Or has the smell of a simmering pot of stew ever stimulated your mind more than anything hanging on a wall at a museum? And has a song ever lifted your spirits, or taken you out of a rut? Like you just ate some wonderful medicine?  Music and food have more in common than one might think. They are both created with similar things in mind: time and rhythm, harmony of the flavors/timbres, new ingredients, presentation, and so much more. So come to Hotung (44 Professors Row, Somerville, MA) on Thursday night to exercise all your senses.

This event is sponsored by the Tufts Environmental Consciousness Outreach (ECO) and the Tufts Culinary Society.

The Time Machine

Meet DJ Brass Monkey and DJ Code Blue. We are the new purveyors of musical madness traveling over electromagnetic radiation tuned to the frequency of 91.5 Megahertz. Every Thursday at noon, from an underground location in Lowell, Massachusetts, we hop aboard the Time Machine and take our listeners on a journey through the ages. We play music from a different year every week, showcasing music from a wide range of styles, but focusing on the time in which it had significance. After all, music is time, no? Rhythm and meter keep the beat on a small scale, in what we perceive as the “present.” Months, years, and decades keep time on a larger scale, outlining what becomes the past and future.
I may try to dig up the old archives of the Time Machine from when it was a baby, with original DJ Matt The Medicine Man Migliori and myself, but for now, here are the past few weeks of the show. We featured the years 1986 and 2007; I hope you enjoy the segments!

To download the shows, save these links!!!
The Time Machine (1986) WUML 9-16-10
The Time Machine (2007) WUML 9-23-10

ONSLO releases new album this Friday!

Massachusetts punk trio ONSLO releases their new EP entitled TERRIBLE ELEPHANT ACCIDENT this Friday in Lowell!

Who: ONSLO, Hetfield & Hetifled, The Sinbusters, and Propaganda.
What: A new EP entitled TERRIBLE ELEPHANT ACCIDENT. And 3 other bands to celebrate with ‘em.
When: Friday night, July 30, round 8 to midnight.
Where: The Dirty Douglas (Lowell, MA)
Why: Cuz ONSLO just finished their new record! Now dance!
How: With your whole body, but most importantly your ears and booty.

NEW MUSIC! and Lowell Folk Fest this weekend!

Here are two brand new tracks from Folkin’ A (also known as Seth Bailin and friends). These songs will appear on “Seth Bailin’s Folk Music,” a new full-length CD available at the 2010 Lowell Folk Festival.

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Country Music

Cherrapunji features Derek Hayden (drums), Elisabeth Hodge (bass), Whit Love (banjo), Mike Kaskiewicz (trombone), Ray Santana (trumpet), and Seth Bailin (guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards).
Country Music features Mark “Big Daddy” Brack (vocals), Jeremy Wegrzyn (bass), Derek Hayden (percussion), Mike Dettore (percussion), Theresa Cleary (viola, violin), and Seth Bailin (guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards)

Both tracks were recorded by Brett Apitz and Seth Bailin at the UML senior studio and various bedrooms in Massachusetts, and mastered by Brian Redmond at The Space.

These songs will accompany 8 others on a full length CD available THIS WEEKEND!


Find me performing live this Friday night (7/23/10) in front of Mambo Grill with funk explosion Jochemo. Entertaining from 8:30pm ’til the sangria runs dry. And be sure to check out everything else Lowell Folk Festival has to offer.
Thanks for listening!

Study music, be happy.

This summer I’m teaching private Guitar and Bass lessons at Centre Music House in Framingham, MA. It is a great place to learn a new instrument or buy strings for your guitar tuned to drop-C. And starting July 19, I will be running the rock band camp for the rest of the summer. Watch out Jack Black! So if you live in the Metro-West area and are thinking about private music lessons, stop in and meet us.

Also, be on the lookout for a new series of music books created by yours truly. I’ve been working on advanced studies for the saxophone for a couple years, and I think some day soon it will get published. The first book takes you through augmented and diminished exercises, along with chromatic scale studies and large-interval exercises. I’m looking for people who are good with music notation software and want to help me edit the thing.

Thanks for reading,

Life on Earth/Livin’ in Lowell

Come down to Eyeful Beauty on Thursday, June 24 and hang out with us for Joe‘s closing reception. He took photos from all over the world and brought them back to the place he now calls home. I will be performing some improvised music with a few other musicians, so come out and enjoy this celebration of mixed media.


Yesterday, Strange Creek. Tomorrow, Bonnaroo.

ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 2010, Boston/Lowell’s GOOSEPIMP ORCHESTRA will set sail toward the hot sunshine of Manchester Tennessee, to take part in one of the largest and loudest music festivals in the world. In proper funk-gypsy style, we have a caravan of our closest friends and freaks with vehicles filled with musical instruments and costumes following the band to BONNAROO 2010. If you are there, and you get bored of JAY-Z or GWAR (what the fuck?!), be sure to check out the WORMTOWN tent and catch Goosepimp hitting it all weekend. 6 sets between Thursday night and Sunday morning.

ALSO, thank you to everyone who came out to the annual STRANGE CREEK campout and music fest last weekend. We had so much fun and enjoyed an incredible amount of talented bands (check out Garage Mahal or The Sam Kininger Band). SEE YOU AT WORMFEST?

If you want more Goosepimp, head over to the BOOTLEGS page and download our LIVE AT LOWELL WINTERFEST performance! Thank you Emilie Palmer for the photos.


“Ants” EP is up.

It was the summer of 2007 and the heat was unbearable. A family (maybe I should say an army) of ants had found salvation in the basement of my Broadway St. apartment. At night I would overhear their plans to take over the house, then Lowell, then the world. We had to put a stop to this. They were everywhere. They were multiplying.
Neighbor Cody Rico recounted ancient myths of punk rock being the only reliable weapon against insect armies. So we plugged in the amps and set up the drum kit, and started composing the concept album that would exterminate our violent infestation.
ANTS is a 4-song EP with more strength than a cement truck full of pesticides. At the completion of the recording we went down to the basement to clean up and see what kind of damage we had done. There was not an ant to be seen. Either they got scared and ran off, or they dropped dead from the sheer energy of THE FORBIDDEN BEAT.
Would they have actually taken over the world had they lived? Maybe. Or are they still planning to take over the world by influencing the minds of young musicians? We will never know. From the moment that the ants disappeared, the basement was dubbed THE ANT CELLAR. Today the residents live up to the story by hosting live punk and hardcore shows for an all-ages audience.

Listen to the album that won (or started) a war with the ants.

119 Gallery Weekend!

NEW page! bootlegs!

Get your live music fix! I added a new page called BOOTLEGS, where I will post recordings of live shows.  Right now you can hear some bangers from the 2010 Winter Jazz Fest and President Soup’s performance from Centro in Downtown Lowell.  Right-click and save the files to your computer! or copy the link and paste it in your browser… I need to set up the link better.