The Riverhawk Party Band is releasing a brand new album of 10 original songs called Transcendenta at The Blue Shamrock/Gemstones on March 29, 2014. But that is only part of the whole story. The album release is coinciding with the fourth installment of The Party Band’s seasonal jazz extravaganza, Pure Cosmic Bop / Heavy Space Jams, where over 20 local bands will perform 45-60 minute sets over the course of 13-hours in a club with three stages. This is an all-ages event, designed to support an accepting, vibrant, musical community. The Party Band will have a new line of merchandise ready for the event including: Tee Shirts, LPs, CDs, Stickers, Posters, and 5 oz bottles of original-recipe, homemade HOT SAUCE.

Click the following links to find out more:

Pure Cosmic Bop / Heavy Space Jams 4: The Meltdown facebook event

The official press release for  Transcendenta/The Meltdown

The Party Band page on Nice Bass Productions

The Party Band on Facebook

The Party Band on Twitter @PARTYBAAAND

Listen to 2 singles from the new album on SoundCloud


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