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unofficial schedule of live music- downtown Lowell, Folk Fest Weekend

Before you head out the door this weekend to check out the Lowell Folk Fest, go ahead and print this out and put it in your pocket. It’s a schedule of as much of the live music performances slated to happen this weekend as I could find from flyers, facebook, word of mouth, phone calls, and this local band guide that Howl in Lowell put together. So, go downtown, catch the international artists at the Folk Festival, grub up on some street food, then head to a bar or art gallery and soak in some of the best local bands our city has to offer. I hope to see you this weekend, the time of year that Lowell is at its most musical, most social, and most energized state. Let’s make some noise.

Improv Trio this Saturday

Live improvised music at Brew’d Awakening this Saturday. Derek, Curran, and I will be exploring new territory; we all have new instruments and this will be our first performance with some of our new sounds. I have been playing flute recently, Derek has been studying the tabla, and Curran just installed a MIDI pickup on his guitar. We have all played in President Soup for a few years together, so come downtown and listen to familiar friends speak new languages.