The Souper Bowl

We ain’t talkin’ about football.

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, your bowl is going to be filled with hot soup made with local ingredients. You’ll be walking around looking at student art (a lot of it is food-related) and meeting new people. And your ears are going to be filled with live music from a band that values the healing properties and social aspects of food, President Soup.

Food, music, and art.  Hm… they all sound like art to me. Have you ever seen a dish so full of color and beauty that you didn’t even want to eat it? That your fork might disturb the plates harmony? Or has the smell of a simmering pot of stew ever stimulated your mind more than anything hanging on a wall at a museum? And has a song ever lifted your spirits, or taken you out of a rut? Like you just ate some wonderful medicine?  Music and food have more in common than one might think. They are both created with similar things in mind: time and rhythm, harmony of the flavors/timbres, new ingredients, presentation, and so much more. So come to Hotung (44 Professors Row, Somerville, MA) on Thursday night to exercise all your senses.

This event is sponsored by the Tufts Environmental Consciousness Outreach (ECO) and the Tufts Culinary Society.

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