Yesterday, Strange Creek. Tomorrow, Bonnaroo.

ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 2010, Boston/Lowell’s GOOSEPIMP ORCHESTRA will set sail toward the hot sunshine of Manchester Tennessee, to take part in one of the largest and loudest music festivals in the world. In proper funk-gypsy style, we have a caravan of our closest friends and freaks with vehicles filled with musical instruments and costumes following the band to BONNAROO 2010. If you are there, and you get bored of JAY-Z or GWAR (what the fuck?!), be sure to check out the WORMTOWN tent and catch Goosepimp hitting it all weekend. 6 sets between Thursday night and Sunday morning.

ALSO, thank you to everyone who came out to the annual STRANGE CREEK campout and music fest last weekend. We had so much fun and enjoyed an incredible amount of talented bands (check out Garage Mahal or The Sam Kininger Band). SEE YOU AT WORMFEST?

If you want more Goosepimp, head over to the BOOTLEGS page and download our LIVE AT LOWELL WINTERFEST performance! Thank you Emilie Palmer for the photos.


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